Spirits Grappa 10cl - 3 1/2oz

Code: N8211

This contemporary grappa glass is a sleek and modern take on the traditional stemware designed specifically for enjoying grappa, an Italian grape-based brandy. Reflecting contemporary aesthetics, these glasses often feature a slender and elongated bowl, allowing for the concentration of grappa's aromatic qualities. The narrow opening at the top captures and directs the volatile compounds, enhancing the appreciation of the drinker's olfactory experience. The stem is designed for comfortable handling, preventing the warmth from the hand from affecting the temperature of the grappa. Some contemporary designs may also incorporate unique shapes or twists in the glass, adding a touch of artistic flair to the overall aesthetic. These glasses not only serve a functional purpose in maximizing the enjoyment of grappa but also contribute to a visually pleasing and modern drinking experience.

  • A contemporary Grappa glass
  • Made from Krysta for performance
  • Slender tall stem for impact
  • Made from lead free Krysta for performance
  • Laser and polished rim
  • Stunning talking piece, other spirit glass available
  • Gift box of 6

Code: N8211

Pack : 4 x 6 (24pce)

Please see N8213, N8212, N8209, N6374 and N8172 for equally stunning spirits glasses

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Spirits Grappa 10cl - 3 1/2oz

  • Brand Chef&Sommelier
  • Collection Spirits
  • Despatch Unit 4 x 6 pack
  • Capacity cl 10cl
  • Capacity Imp oz 3½ oz
  • Capacity US oz
  • Material Krysta
  • Dishwasher Safe Yes
  • Inner Type FA
  • Rim Finish Laser Cut & Polished rim
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    N8211 Spirits Grappa 10cl - 3 1/2oz

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