Princesa Hiball (t) 28.5cl - 10oz Ce 1/2pt

Code: 07465

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer – Princesa embodies this philosophy with its extensive selection of toughened glasses. Featuring a full stemware and tumbler suite, this range is perfect for bars and restaurants looking for a practical glassware solution. The recognizable and modest design of this range ensures they belong anywhere – the Fully Toughened material ensures that these glasses can cope with the challenges of intensive use.

  • Bar essential
  • Made for intense bar use
  • Reliable glassware suite
  • Toughened stem glass

Princesa Hiball (t) 28.5cl - 10oz Ce 1/2pt [p48]

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    07465 Princesa Hiball (t) 28.5cl - 10oz Ce 1/2pt
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