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Items especially designed to be stackable

Fade-resistant surface and pattern even after 2,000 washes

Microwave safe

Effervescence plus

Head booster : performance nucleation

Biggest variation of weight +/- 10g <= product 500g +/- 15g für product > 500g

Shock resistant

Shock resistant

Glass breaks into small shards not sharp to the touch

Scratch resistant

Thermal shock resistant

Heat Management

Very thin rim to convey the subtlety of the taste and of the aromas

100% recyclable

Guaranteed Bisphenol A free

Perfectly non porous - 0% bacteria

Extra Resistant Fully Tempered Glass

High Transparency Purity Certified Glass

Extra Shock Resistant San Plastic

High Resistance Opal Glass

Zenix Fine Quality, High Resistance

Extra Strong Porcelain