about the brand


Since being founded over 60 years ago, Borgonovo has expanded their production on a large scale. Despite this, they still manage to maintain a high-quality standard and meet the individual needs and tastes of each customer as well as they did in 1950. The varied needs of Borgonovo’s diverse customer base are a continual stimulus to update products, from both a practical and an aesthetic point of view – Borgonovo exceeds expectations and pushes the boundaries of creativity. With two very up-to-date kilns and nine production lines, Borgonovo produces 500 different glass-shapes made using one type of glass, obtained from the fusion of siliceous sand with the addition of fluxes, bleaches and refiners. The glass used is of extra-white sodic-calcic type (lead-free), and the products are moulded through phases of pressing, press-blowing and blowing.

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