Sire De Cognac Rocks - 41cl

Product Code: L6931

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Product CodeL6931
DescriptionSire De Cognac Rocks

MaterialSodalime Glass
RangeSire De Cognac

Inner Barcode
Outer Barcode
Inner Pack Size
Outer Pack Size12

Imperial Ounces 14⅜ oz
US Ounces(US) 13⅞
CM / CL41cl
Code Description Dimensions (W/H/D) Pack
L3501 Sire De Cognac Hiball - 35cl 8.1x12.5x8.1cm Inner:
Outer: 12
L6930 Sire De Cognac Rocks - 30cl 9.2x8.4x9.2cm Inner:
Outer: 12
L6931 Sire De Cognac Rocks - 41cl 10x9.1x10cm Inner:
Outer: 12
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