Amber Bottle HIball - 36cl

Product Code: L6212

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Product CodeL6212
DescriptionAmber Bottle HIball

MaterialSodalime Glass

Inner Barcode
Outer Barcode10883314547945
Inner Pack Size6
Outer Pack Size24

Imperial Ounces 12⅝ oz
US Ounces(US) 12¼
CM / CL36 cl
Code Description Dimensions (W/H/D) Pack
L6212 Amber Bottle HIball - 36cl 7.5x10.7x7.5cm Inner: 6
Outer: 24
L6213 Amber Bottle Hiball - 48cl 7.5x14x7.5cm Inner: 6
Outer: 24
L6214 Clear (Green Tint) Bottle Hiball - 36cl 7.5x10.7x7.5cm Inner: 6
Outer: 24
L6215 Clear (Green Tint) Bottle Hiball - 48cl 7.5x14x7.5cm Inner: 6
Outer: 24
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