Care guide

Glassware Care & Handling

Elegant dinnerware, shining cutlery, fresh linens and sparkling glassware make an impression on your customers that is almost as important as what is on your menu. As such, high-quality tableware is a big investment — protecting and maintaining this investment is essential to the success of your operation.

ALWAYS separate glassware, dinnerware and flatware bus tubs.

ALWAYS use an ice scoop to fill glasses with ice

ALWAYS stack items specially marked as stackable

ALWAYS allow freshly washed glasses to return to room temperature before going back into service

ALWAYS preheat glasses used for warm drinks with warm water.

ALWAYS remove chipped or cracked glassware from service for safety reasons.

ALWAYS load glassware into a plastic storage rack.

ALWAYS use the proper racks for each glass.

ALWAYS remove ice and beverage before placing glass in bus tub to allow the glass to return to room temperature before dishwashing (to avoid thermal shock).

ALWAYS keep the proper amount of par levels for the operation.

NEVER mix glassware, dinnerware and flatware in the same bus tub.

NEVER ​scoop ice with glasses.

NEVER stack glasses that are not marked stackable.

NEVER use dishwasher warm glass for serving cold beverages

NEVER have glass to glass contact —avoid picking more than 1 glass up at once.

NEVER put flatware into glasses.

NEVER allow the glass to make contact with the beer tap.

NEVER allow glassware to remain soiled overnight or for long periods (max 2 hours).