Care Guide

Dinnerware Care & Handling

Foodservice dinnerware handles a heavy workload — and while Arc builds dinnerware for such usage, there are some simple steps that can be taken to significantly prolong the life and look of these products. The following guidelines cover various troubleshooting and maintenance ideas that are applicable to all types of dinnerware.

ALWAYS use a plastic scraper, sink sprayer or gloved hand to remove stubborn food.

ALWAYS use proper dish racks for plates and hollowware items during dish washing.

ALWAYS have your commercial dishwasher serviced regularly to ensure proper water balance and rinse aid.

ALWAYS separate dinnerware from glassware and flatware in bus buckets.

ALWAYS allow dinnerware to cool after dishwashing to room temperature and thoroughly dry before storing or putting back in service

NEVER bang dinnerware on waste can or warewashing table to avoid chipping and damage to dinnerware.