Care Guide

Cutlery Care & Handling

Strict adherences to specifications and stringent quality controls at each stage of production make Chef & Sommelier and Arcoroc flatware resistant and reliable. We meticulously scrutinize our items to ensure they are of the correct gauge, an important guarantee of durability.

ALWAYS separate flatware from other items in the bus tray.

ALWAYS rinse flatware after use before loading in the dishwasher.

ALWAYS empty dishwasher immediately after completion of cycle and dry flatware with a soft cloth.

ALWAYS store flatware in a dry place.

ALWAYS use the proper flatware racks for ware-washing to encourage water to dry/drain quickly and minimize scratching.

NEVER use detergent with lemon or other citrus added.

NEVER wash silver and stainless together to avoid discoloration.

NEVER use silver cleaner to wash stainless.

NEVER use flatware for cooking as intense heat could damage the flatware.