Ultimate Pint (t) 57cl - 20oz - Headbooster

Code: G8563

Developed especially for the needs of the UK industry the Ultimate pint is a new feat of glassware design and engineering offering unbelievable strength. Rigorously designed in collaboration with the UK Design Council in order to improve safety of glassware whilst offering a feature packed pint glass. The glass doesn’t break into sharp shards and is so tough that it can withstand the roughest of treatment.

  • One of the toughest glasses ever made
  • Performance tumbler
  • Sturdy safety glass
  • Feature packed range

Ultimate Pint (t) 57cl - 20oz - Headbooster [p24]

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    Image Product Code Name Unit of Sale Pieces Per Carton QTY
    G8563 Ultimate Pint (t) 57cl - 20oz - Headbooster

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